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“The highlight of my daughters week is coming to Melody Bear. She asks me every day if it is Friday yet. Steph and Amy are great teachers and make the lessons very fun. I now have to hide her ballet and tap shoes as she would wear them every day if she could” Cherilee

“Sophie’s been dancing at Illusions’s  since she was 5 years old, a shy and quiet little girl but loved to dance, she’s now 15 and is still loves dance, she has grown so much in confidence and has had the opportunity to help out with Melody Bear students in previous shows. With the help of great teachers in Steph & Amy she has grown to be a beautiful dancer in the many styles of dance.”  Rachel

“ It was like a west end performance ! I cried from the first minute throughout!!! The music, choreography, outfits and organisation that went into it was unreal ! Well done to all the performers, teachers and back stage people who made it a day to remember “ Ellie

“Barney and Molly absolutely love their street dance lessons, 30minutes is not enough! “Lynn 

“Thank you so so much to both of you. 
We were blown away on Saturday, not just by Melody bear, but the whole show and production.You must be so proud of what you’ve achieved with Illusions - Lena joined when she was just  2.5 and has falling in love with dance class.” Sonja, Epping

“Girls, you absolutely smashed it, the best show yet! Costumes/ dances , everything was on point. Thank you so much, you have done a fantastic job and you should be so proud of yourselves. Beau had the best time as did we all watching it. Thanks again”. Amie

Nancy loves her Melody Bear Ballet and Tip Tap Toe lessons - she’s been attending since she was 2 and is now almost 4. Not only are they lots of fun but they allow her to learn new moves and the highlight of last year was her groups performance in the annual show. Stephanie and Amy have a lovely way of teaching and dealing with the little ones and we can’t wait for Nancy’s little sister to join in the fun and get dancing!”Hannah

“We thoroughly enjoyed the show! It was brilliant and every dancer nailed it! So proud seeing Sienna up there and for her to be part of such a great dance school. Many thanks” Pia

“ WELL DONE to you both!! That was incredible! My parents have sat through hundreds of my dance school shows since I was 3 and even they said it was  brilliant. 
You should both be incredibly proud of yourself and all of your students. Jack absolutely loved it, he’s on such a high!” Stephanie 

“Just wanted to say a huge thank you and congratulations for such an amazing show on Saturday. It was so entertaining, the costumes, the music and routines, we thought the best yet!We enjoy seeing all the happy smiling dancers on stage and their improvement year after year. Thank you both for all your hard work throughout the year with our girls Steph and Amy.We also want to thank Isabel. Mollie loves seeing her and coming to her classes each week. It’s clear by her smile that she loves what she does.Thank you also for giving Mollie  the opportunity to be part of the performance team this year. She has truly loved it! We have seen her confidence grow as a result. She has enjoyed making friends with the older girls and I think that’s been quite inspiring for her. The girls are looking forward to learning their next routines!Thank you from all of us”. Alison



"Thank you to the most amazing ladies with the best dance school" Ellice


"It was like a west end performance! I cried from the first minute throughout!!! The music, choreography, outfits and organisation that went into it was unreal! Well done to all performers, teachers and backstage people who made it a day to remember" Ellie 



"The show was amazing and all the girls did so well. I feel the show gets better every year. My family love coming and we can see how mcuh Sienna loves it and is coming on so well. Thank you for all your hard work. I actually felt like we was watching a West End production least night" Jemma



"It was an absolutely incredible show. Every dance captivated me!! Well done everyone" Sharon


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